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I have been on safaris in Africa before and I knew that I wanted something different for this trip. This time around I wanted to do nothing but photography. When I found the Moments of Magic Big Cat Photo Safari in the Maasai Mara offered by Andreas Hemb I knew that this was the safari that I had been dreaming of!

The location of Oltepesi tented safari camp just outside the Mara let us maximize our photography time. The staff members were friendly and eager to tend to our needs. I planned to lose weight on this trip but the food was too good!

With four photographers the safari was affordable. A Land Cruiser modified for photography gave us room to move and shoot from different angles. Our Maasai guide knew the Mara and its wildlife intimately. He understood lighting and angles and consistently put us in the right locations for fantastic photo opportunities. The week was full of magical moments and I have hundreds of amazing images to show you!

Andreas has organized an affordable, photography-specific tour that exceeded my expectations. Additionally, he readily shared his in-depth knowledge of photography and post-production. I would highly recommend this safari to anyone who is interested in capturing spectacular images of wildlife in the Maasai Mara. I will be traveling with Moments of Magic again!

Dave Ligget, OhioMaasai Mara Big Cat Safari
I had the opportunity to participate in a photo safari to Zimanga with Andreas Hemb in May 2018.
I had heard alot about Zimanga and seen many fantastic photos from the park and the famous hides by Bence Maté, including Andreas award winning photos e.g. from the overnight hide, so my expectations were high.
As it was my first trip to Africa I had limited experience of the animals and the specific types of wildlife photography that you encounter down there. Fortunately, Andreas had been there several times before and continously gave good advise and recommendations for camera settings and behaviour for me and the others, to get as good shots as possible. The ranger that followed us all week also had great experience and was able to track down most of the animals we went out looking for, which is really important to get the shots you wanted. As he was also a good photographer he knew exactly where to position the car to get the best photo opportunities.
The lodge was fantastic and the personel and food was exceptional. As the group was divided in two smaller groups, we had slighly different experiences but overall we all had great moments to take with us back home. I’m very happy with all the photos I brought back. Thanks Andreas for a great trip which I can highly recommend!
Per Karlsson - www.pvkfoto.se Magical Zimanga 2018

Fantastiska möjligheter att få ta de bilder man så länge önskat sig. En jeep som möjliggör att ta bilder med ett lågt perspektiv och dessutom möjligheter att lämna jeepen för att fotografera från marken. Vår guide och chaufför John är mycket kunnig på djuren och dess beteende. Detta gjorde att vi ofta befann oss på rätta stället med bästa förutsättningar.

Att han dessutom har blicken för ljuset och miljön är en stor bonus.

Den lilla men jättefina campen hade allt man kan önska sig. Trevlig personal.

En resa som för högsta betyg och som jag verkligen vill göra igen!!!

Håkan KronholmMaasai Mara Big Cat Safari

To see wild animals in Africa has been on my wish list since I was young and now it´s done. It was in many ways better than expected. It was a real pleasure to travel with Andreas Hemb (Moments of Magic). It was a very well arranged trip all the way. 

The flight was loooooong and we had an overnight stay in Durban before we reached Zimanga Private Game Reserve. 

The days (and some nights) in Zimanga was full of surprises. You sit in comfortable hides waiting for something to happen. And it sure does. You see African Buffalos just in front of your camera lens (approximately 4 meters). Beautiful birds in many colors, jackals and eagles fighting for food. You sit in a jeep just a few meters from lions, rhinos and elephants and lots of other animals. 

The guides were always helpful and they know what a nature photographer want to see and always try find good photo positions.

The lodge was excellent with nice rooms and good food. 

Thank you, Andreas and Calvin, (our guide) for a wonderful time at Zimanga. I wish I could come back some day.

Hans Ölander - www.catchpix.seMaasai Mara Big Cat Safari

Loved the trip to Zimanga with Andreas, great photographer and allround nice guy.
Great accomodation, good food and above all fantastic photographic opportunities. The combination of gamedrives and the best designed hides in the world makes for a memorable experience.
Hope to go there again in the near future, highly recommended!

Reinder Doeleman & Edwin Mullie Magical Zimanga